About Us

The mission of CheckPoint Sciences, Inc., is to commercialize response-predictive biomarkers that will facilitate the adoption and use of cancer immunotherapy in the most clinically effective and cost-efficient manner. Our blood-based biomarkers for predicting the response of individual patients to cancer immunotherapy, currently at the clinical implementation stage, will empower medical professionals to answer critical treatment questions for the benefit of patients and their loved ones:

    Final Logo 1.14.16_Artboard 1Which cancer patients will benefit from checkpoint inhibitors?

    Final Logo 1.14.16_Artboard 1Which cancer patients need combination immunotherapies?

    Final Logo 1.14.16_Artboard 1Which combination of therapies is best for an individual cancer patient?

    Final Logo 1.14.16_Artboard 1Is the immunotherapy still working over time?

    Final Logo 1.14.16_Artboard 1Is the cancer patient responding to a therapeutic cancer vaccine?

CheckPoint Sciences seeks to collaborate with pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the development of response-predictive companion diagnostics for specific cancer immunotherapies that are available on the market, are under development or are being used in combination therapies. Our world-class scientific team combines specialized knowledge of high-dimensional data analysis, immunology, multiscale systems biology, oncology, cancer immunotherapy drugs, genomics and biomarker clinical trials. In addition, we seek to collaborate directly with commercial payors to help minimize the costs and side effects of ineffective immunotherapy treatments.

In pursuit of these objectives, we have developed clinically-actionable, patent-pending genomic profiles, using biomarkers derived from whole blood, that can reliably predict the response of individual cancer patients to immunotherapy prior to treatment. Our computational systems biology-derived understanding of the immune system, cell signaling networks and biological activity in the tumor micro-environment makes this possible. Medical professionals and payors can use our whole blood-based biomarkers to help formulate the most effective immunotherapy treatment course on an individualized basis for each cancer patient.

Furthermore, again using patent-pending biomarkers derived from whole blood, we have successfully modelled and validated the genomic profile changes in the key pathways that are impacted post-treatment by checkpoint blockade therapy. We envision that medical professionals and payors can use these whole blood-based biomarkers to guide their treatment decisions on a real-time basis.

CheckPoint Sciences has formed a laboratory services collaboration with one of the world’s leading genetics and genomic labs, the Icahn Institute for Genomics and Multiscale Biology at Mount Sinai in New York. The Icahn Institute at Mount Sinai was founded in 2011 to help advance precision medicine with cutting-edge technologies and world-class computational and analytical resources. This collaboration combines CheckPoint Sciences’ unique immunotherapy blood-based biomarkers with the Icahn Institute at Mount Sinai’s state-of-the-art technical resources, including next generation sequencing platforms. The CheckPoint Sciences team welcomes the opportunity to work with pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the commercialization of immunotherapy response-predictive companion diagnostics.

For inquiries, please contact Karl G. Wassmann, President of CheckPoint Sciences, at karl.wassmann@checkpointsciences.com or (774) 893-4313.